What We Do


Virus Removal/Manual System Scan

A virus removal and manual system scan involves me trawling the whole of your system looking for any folder directories, hidden or otherwise, which may hold rootkits or malware which cause pop ups, random toolbars and other annoying problems which will disrupt your web browsing and possibly the use of certain programs.

Registry Clean

Registry cleaning is vital as uninstalled programs or computer viruses may have left files lodged into your registry or even corrupted some of the files that where in there beforehand, corrupting whole programs or even rendering your computer unusable.

Internet Security

Internet security is another big one. This will make sure that when you browse the web, sites that would transfer harmful cookies and files to your computer will be blocked and/or give you a warning before transporting you to said website.

Backup of all Files/System

A backup of your files ensures that no matter what happens to your computer, the precious pictures, videos, music and any other files including word and powerpoint docs will be saved! And if your system is ever rendered unusable by anything other than physical damage, the backup of your system will usually ensure that the computer is usable again.

Micro Valet

A micro valet will ensure that your computer is spotless inside out. Blockage caused by the neglect of the inside of the machine will ensure that when your fan is going really fast, the loud noise that usually happens whilst this is happening will be none existent. The cables which could possibly be wearing away as you read this will be cleaned and checked to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Antivirus Installation

Not having an antivirus on your computer is a definite no-no. Not having the RIGHT antivirus is also important. We are currently installing the best all around antivirus for customers, so that you know your system is safe and sound.


If your computer is software damaged and it cannot be fixed, we will completely wipe your system and install the system you had prior to the wipe. Your computer will be returned in the software state in which you bought it.

Laptop/Tablet Screen Repairs

If you have cracked, shattered, or completely broken your laptop or tablet screen, we will fix it at a VERY competitive price and in a professional matter. It will be returned to you in a very good condition as we will also give it a clean and shine the screen for you.